Silvey's Flyfishing

Silvey's Flyfishing

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


See Chubby Float

See Chubby Not Float

Float Chubby Float

See Chubby Get Flushed

See Chubby land a nice Redside
Good Chubby,Good Chubby
Every year there seems to be a HOT fly during the Stonefly hatch, this year its Idylwilde's
Try it they really like it.


Jergens said...

Hell Yeah! Nice photos, the chubby is the real deal!

Paul said...

Sweet photos. I just finished two 5 day floats from Trout Creek to Maupin and can confirm the Chubby killed it this year!

Taipei Mullet said...

I have been fishing the chubby on the river and at home. It has been performing much better on the river.