Silvey's Flyfishing

Silvey's Flyfishing

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Chubby catches all types of fish on the Deschutes River.
This Bull Trout was caught below Maupin, over the years we usually catch a few Bull Trout
but this is the biggest one I have ever seen below Maupin.


Unknown said...

sure looks like a brookie to me. Worm-like markings on the back, round spots on the sides, red fins with white edges. Looks just like the brookies I caught in the great lakes years ago.

Brian Silvey said...

Hi Megan
Bull Trout are in the Same Family as a Brook Trout, The are all in the Char Family.
The Worm Marks are on both brookies and Bull trout.
Thanks for the comments

tom said...


The vermiculations on the dorsal fin are a clear giveaway of brook trout. The fish does have some characteristics of bull trout as well though. My guess is that it is a hybrid...pure bull trout do not have vermiculations on the dorsal fin, having at most a few spots near the base. Interesting catch.

Brian Silvey said...

Hi Thomas
From what i know about the Deschutes there are no Brook trout or Hybrid bull trout.
They did alot of work this past year on Pelton Dam,maybe it came from up there.
I don't see alot of either fish, its been a while for me to remember all my collage fish biology.
Thanks for the comment

Mark said...

Bull Tout for sure

Nathan Ira said...

Ya, Thomas is on the mark. Vermiculations on the dorsal mean it is absolutely NOT a bully. May be a brook/bull hybrid but sure looks an awful lot like a good 'ol brookie! Either way...char are the best!