Silvey's Flyfishing

Silvey's Flyfishing

Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to tie a Silvey's Tube Snake

Silvey's Tube Snake Fly from Brian Silvey on Vimeo.


brent said...

Awesome video, glad to see you've moved to Vimeo!

humblefisherman said...

I used this in black/blue for kings and chums, and it was awesome. I wish it could be bot in chartreuse.

Brian Silvey said...

Hi Brent
Glad you like the video, i bought a new camera and new computer this year to make some better quality videos.
We might be working on some Tube snakes in King colors soon!
Thanks for the comments!!

michael said...

great video. Thanks. Quick (silly?) question - what is the technique to tie on the tube to the rabbit strip? I have tried doing it "free form" (i.e., just half-hitching the tube without securing the strip) without any success. Thanks.

Brian Silvey said...

Hi Michael
The rabbit is tied down by thread wraps,both front tube and rear tube.
Try to use a good chunk of the rabbit hide to tie on, this will help secure the rabbit.

Vanessa said...

Sorry I have to post under my wife's account. Are you the one that ties the sculpin leech? If so do you think that you could post a tutorial? I found one on the Beaverhead and fished it on the South Fork of the Snake
with great success, and would love to see how one is tied.

Brian Silvey said...

Hi Elton
Yes I invented that Sculpin pattern.
I will try to make a video of my Sculpin pattern.
The hard part with that it is a 20 min fly.
Thanks for the comment

Vanessa said...

I figured it was not an easy tie, but it sure is a fish catcher. I appreciate it.


Scott Hicks said...

Hello Brent!

Did you prepare a tutorial on the sculpin pattern? I searched your blog but was not able to find one if you did. If not, what is the material you use for the body, both on the main shank an on the book?

Thanks! Scott

Rob Halliday said...

Hi Brian,How is the Tube Snake rigged,I know the line goes through rear tube then through front tube but what stops the front tube from sliding back to rear tube when swinging.