Silvey's Flyfishing

Silvey's Flyfishing

Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is one of my best patterns on the Deschutes River during the summer months when we have our big caddis hatches. You can fish this fly many different ways but my favorite is fished as a dropper under a dry fly.
So if you are tying this winter to get your trout fly box ready for summer fishing give this fly a try.

Material list
Hook: TMC 2487   #14
Thread: Brown 8/0
Gold bead
Body Material: Pearl Core Braid Tan
Legs: Tan grizzly marabou
Wings: Starling feathers
Head: Rust Brown dry fly dubbing
Antennae: Partridge or Hen hackle 


the nutman said...

Thanks Brian ,i was woundering what the body material that you burn is called ?

Brian Silvey said...

The body material is called Pearl Core Braid
It is a Hareline product, most shop sell it
It comes in a lot of great colors

the nutman said...

Thanks Brian ,
Ive used your that fly before McCrary suggested it to me and i had some luck with it in the spring of the year ,Though im sure it is great all summer ,do you use different shade at different times of the the year on the Dechutes ?

Brian Silvey said...

For me its not so much what color to use during the year but what size
#12-14# early in the year
16#-18# late summer fishing

mike doughty said...

that's a great looking bug!

the nutman said...

yeah I think the size and outline of the fly are more important then color . The same goes for dry flys .I like the simpicity of the fly and most of your flys .very much guide flys that are pretty fast and easy to churn out . What are some of your favorite dry fly patterns ?

Brian Silvey said...

My number 1# guide dry fly for the Deschutes is a Tan Elk hair caddis
Sorry its not any thing new but they work so well and very fast to tie every night when I get off the river.
12-14 early in the year
16-20 late summer
other patterns would be small stimulators or parachute pmd

the nutman said...

I would say that is one of the better flys out west in general ,always a favorite of mine ,caddis seem to dominate the Dechutes except at certain times ,Pmd mayflys work well to there I havent really had much time to play with them there though .I only fish for trout for a short period of time and then it is back to steelhead .Though the trout on the Deschutes are tons of fun .I wouldnt mind fishing for them a bit more.

Stevie said...

Thanks Brian,

Do you think the lighter wire hook is better than the heavier?


Brian Silvey said...

I just like to tie on the lighter wire hook.
You can tie it on either TMC 2457 or 2487

Paul said...

Hey Brian, any chance you can post instructions/recipe for your Silvey's Dead Caddis? It looks like a killer pattern I'd like to use on the Missouri River this summer.


Paul Lanouette

Brian Silvey said...

Hi Paul
I will post a video on how to tie my Dead Caddis
Thanks for the comment and IDEA!!!!

Dustin's Fly Box said...

Great video! I got everything to tie this so I will be giving it a try! Love the blog. You got a new follower