Silvey's Flyfishing

Silvey's Flyfishing

Monday, August 23, 2010


This last week on the Deschutes was interesting with good fishing and all the fires in Wasco County and on the Deschutes.
I just got off the river on Thursday late afternoon and was heading home, when my cell phone rang. There was a fire near my house heading my way, By the time I got home the whole area was on fire. We were lucky the wind kept the fire away from my house.
Most of my 160 acres was burnt except for around my house, so for the last few days we have been putting out small fires on my property.
I want to say thanks to the local Volunteer Fire Dept and a few Great neighbors that came to help us.
Hopefully things will settle down now and I can get back to just guiding.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Silvey's Sno-Cone #4

Muddler (Gold Body) #6

Golden Demon#6
Tranquilizer #4
changed body to claret body and purple hackle

Well its that time of year to get your summer steelhead flies ready for the Deschutes River.
Here are some of my favorite flies for the Deschutes.