Silvey's Flyfishing

Silvey's Flyfishing

Friday, February 11, 2011


When I am not guiding this is where  you can find me every evening tying flies.
I am either restocking my boxes for my next guide trip or working on a new pattern for Idylwilde Flies.
I tie every fly for all of my guide trips, its well over a couple 100 doz flies a year.
When I tied commerically as a teenager I would tie 900-1,200 doz a summer.


chaveecha said...

that's completely insane. And all on the trusty Regal!! Love that vice. I mean vise :-)

Brian Silvey said...

I also love the Old Regal Vise, I have Several Regal Vises.
It takes about 900 doz to crack the frame that hold the jaws.
I have cracked about 9-10 Regal Vices.
It doesn't effect the vise, it actually makes it easier to open the jaws.
Then it finally breaks.
Thanks for the comments!

Marty Sheppard said...

Can I have some?

Taipei Mullet said...

Can I have more sample flies to fish I lost all the ones you gave me.

Marty Sheppard said...

Rumur has they have been working! I have a feeling when you get home later in the week there is going to be some nice photos for us to all drool over. I know you are out there all week. You have to make some money to buy that new Jet Ski huh?

Tim said...

Brian when you get bored would you feel comfortable showing some of the steps involved in tying your prawn/shrimp pattern. It is just too cool of a fly. thx