Silvey's Flyfishing

Silvey's Flyfishing

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 Started the day perfectly with a hot Wild Buck on the 3rd cast, this fish went about 75yds into the backing on its first run.
 My oar had a big crack it from last season,well it finally broke last week on a rock up by Dodge Park.
I was walking the beach while my clients were fishing and saw this black chunk of plastic and thought that looked familiar. Decided to check to see if it was the piece of my oar that broke off and it was a perfect fit. WEIRD or LUCK?
 Ok now this where the day gets really weird, we are having lunch enjoying some lunch time sun.
Then out of the sky this object comes down and crashed in the middle of the river, I thought at first it was a Osprey hitting a fish(the under color of the plane was white). As this object popped up out of the water I noticed it was Red and looked like a plane,so we picked up our lunch gear and went racing after it. We finally caught up to it it figured out it was a remote controlled plane, with a phone number and reward if you find it. So we called Bob to give his plane back.
I finally was able to give the plane back to its owner mainly to find out what happen and why he lost control of it. It is suppose to have a return home device built in to the plane but something happened and it got out to far for the pilot to control the plane and will crash with no one flying it!
The owner had 2 cameras on the plane both came off when it hit the water. That would be some great Video! WEIRD or UAV SPYING ON FLYFISHERMAN
Now it is after are lunch time fun,we are fishing hard to see we can catch another steelhead.
One of my clients hooks up with a good fish, being a beginner I am yelling at him to let the fish run, don't touch the reel. As I was saying this I can hear the reel Whacking the HELL out of his knuckles.
Then the next thing I notice is the drag has stopped and there is a huge backlash in the reel.
I tell my customer we need to start chasing this fish because we have no drag, and we half to catch up to gain some line back on the reel.
I manage to get some of the backlash out, then this good size steelhead takes another big run and jumps.
At this point the rod is pointing straight at the fish, I was just crenging waiting to hear the 12lb Maxima to let loose and then the fish came off.
We reel everything back to see we have a bent hook, I like to use Owner Hooks because they are very strong but I guess you can still bend them out when everything is going crazy and your drag fails!

This will be one of those days I won't forget, Strange things happen when you are on the river!

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